Our GeoDucks

Farm Geoduck 

Farm geoduck reach maturity 4 years after planting, resulting in an averagesize between 1.5 to 2.3 lbs per piece. Farm geoduck is very light in color like milk, and has a very tender meat which tastes crunchy when served as sashimi. 
Even though the farm geoduck is planted, it is entirely organic as the geoduck eats only the micro seaweed directly from the sea. 

Wild Geoduck 

Wild geoduck grows naturally throughout the Puget Sound region. Due to being grown in the wild, their size varies between 1 to 8 lbs per piece, and the color ranges from a very light color like the farm geoduck to charcoal dark color if the geoduck is too old or grew in a very under-nutriented or rocky seabed. 
Due to both the very limited yearly supply of geoduck and the high demand for live geoduck in restaurants, geoduck is the most expensive seafood in the world. For this reason, geoduck is also called King Clam. 

GeoDuck Grades

Grade A 
This geoduck is the highest quality.It is very white in color; similar to that of a pearl, and always has a very thin shell. 
Grade B 
This is yellow in color, with a thin shell. 
Grade C 
This is brown in color, with a thicker shell. 
Grade D 
This geoduck is dark brown or black in color, with a very thick shell.