Geoducks - Delivery And International Shipping

Within 4-6 hours of ocean harvest by the experienced divers, the boats return to port in the early afternoon. Government and tribal monitors keep record of each boatsˇ¦ harvest quantity. Then the live geoduck are loaded into Cascadia Oneˇ¦s air conditioned vehicle and transported to our packing facilities. 

Within 90 minutes after the geoduck arrives in our packing facilities, all the geoduck is graded and packed into styro boxes with sufficient gel ice to keep the geoduck fresh and alive. 

The packed geoduck is then reloaded into the truck and delivered to SeaTac International Airport for flight that same evening. Much of our geoduck is flown on direct flights to the Asian Pacific. The entire time from harvest until the geoduck arrives in wholesaler water tanks along the Asian Pacific corridor is controlled to be less than 36 hours. 

Cascadia One Geoduck is kept alive and fresh.